PowerSchool – Admin (Secretary/Counselor)

PowerSchool Basics

Whether you are a casual user or school secretary, this module will get you started in Power School.

Just have a minute? Check out the Enrollment Summary video to see just how easy it is to use Power School. Pay attention to the hyperlinks throughout the product. No more need to remember where to “Go To” to get a students schedule, enrollment totals, or class lists. The entire menu is on the left side of the screen which makes navigating much easier!

Secretaries – be sure to check out the Student Alerts which is described 2/3 of the way into Working with Individual Students – Part 1. No more sticky notes for kids with allergies or legal alerts!

Personally, I like the ‘Enable Smart Search’ option discussed in the Working with Individual Students – Part 1. Once enabled, all you need to do is type the first letter of a students last name and all students starting with that letter pop up automatically. It’s so easy to find a student.

I frequently get requests for things such as:

  1. list of students who received an F for a quarter and/or semester grade.
  2. list of all students and their grade in math.
  3. list of students by first name.
  4. the office receives an irate phone call and they want to search the student contacts to attempt to find the owner of that phone number, etc.

Well now you can perform all of these searches yourself! Check out the Student Searches – Part 1 and Student Searches – Part 2 to see just how easy it is.

Enrollments and Transfers

Enrollment secretaries, Power School automatically checks for duplicate students when you enroll a new student! Be sure to check out Enrolling a Sibling. I think you will be impressed. No more “where’s the clone button?”.

School Year Scheduling

Elementary Schools check out Mass Enroll Students In a Class. Setting up classes is a snap!


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